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About Our Firm

COSCIA DAY Architecture & Design was started in Venice, California in 1992 by Anthony Coscia and Johnathen Day. The award winning firm is committed to creating exceptional design solutions.


  • Moca Museum Exhibition A New Sculputalism From Southern California 2013 

  • New Blood Emerging LA Architects Exhibition, Architectural Design Museum, L.A., 2006

  • GA Global Houses Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan: 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1997

  • Miami Biennale Exhibition, 747 House (Skywave House) & Javalyska Competition Entry recieved awards; Miami, Florida 2001

  • Interiors magazine Annual Awards, Received Honorable Mention in Hospitality Category, 1996


Philosophy of Design

  • We work intensively with “body” models and section models of varying scale.  The computer is an invaluable design tool allowing the projects a higher level of clarity, form and reality.

  • Urbanistically we are attempting to produce a new typology of Figure/Figure utilizing the fold as both and operational method and as a determinant of form creating a Weak Form Architecture.

  • Our work embodies both topomorphic and anthropomorphic conditions.  We are creating  a figural architecture of suppleness possessing a distinct separability of parts. Elements inherently connected through body geometry produce space through relational alignments. An architecture of movement emerges from FigureForms built using straight lines set within a logic of curvilinearity in both plan and section combined with geometrically free extruded arcs.  Interiors, plazas and courtyards of spatial residue are created by the super imposition of open and closed, sited and floating fractal solids set within the complexities of a folded wall/roof’s section geometry.

  • By folding the solid of architectural form with the void of landscape a hybrid is created. The resultant Landform Architecture is a synthesis of the surrounding landscape and built form. The projects reconfigure the pre-existing topography of the site through the formation of a complex of building components linked directly to the site (and the city) through latent formal and spatial relationships.


  • A New Scupturalism from Southern California Moca Catalogue Book - Rizzoli 2013

  • Design/Art of Villa Book from China, Skywave House 2013

  • AW 'Archiworld' Quarterly from Korea, Skywave House 2011

  • article by Gideon shapiro 2010

  • The Architects Newspaper House of the Issue article by Michael Webb 2010

  • AD Architectural Digest Russia Skywave house May issue 2010

  • World Architecture website -Skywave House was a semifinalist for House of the Year 2010

  • 1000x Architects of the Americas Skywave House- Braun 2008

  • Bienal Maimi+Beach 2001-2005 2007

  • Cruising LA Paperback Skywave House 2006

  • LA Architect   March, 2006; Form Unstructured- 747 House (Skywave House)/ Medical Imaging Center

  • Hospitality & Design, May, 2005; Rika’s Restaurant view from the top

  • SPA-DE Space & Design International Review of Interior Design, Natalee Thai (Venice) 2004

  • Wall Paper,  July/ August 2003;  25 best emerging architectural practices around the world

  • Oz Magazine, Volume 25, 2003; Regionalism, Position & Expression

  • Hospitality & Design, Natalie Thai (Venice), feature article April Issue 2002

  • Architect’s Guide to Los Angeles by Michael Webb, 1998 & 2001

  • World Super Interiors, book Yangtze Chinese Restaurant & Natalee Thai Restaurant (BH) 2000

  • LA LOCAL Japanese book of LA architects, 1999

  • Hospitality & Design magazine cover and Natalie Thai (Beverly Hills) feature article June, 1999

  • Buildings in Los Angeles a book on SCI-ARC’s faculty and alumni, 1998

  • GA (Global Architecture) Houses Project issues; 2007, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1997& 1996

  • Competitions Magazine the National Diet Library Competition-Japan, 1997

  • Interiors magazine, Yangtze 1995

  • AIA LA Architect March, 1994 (Yangtzee Restaurant cover photo and article)

  • AIA Top 10 To Watch November, 2006

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